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Becky Grimman is a certified Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist based out of Toronto & the GTA. After initially studying theatre at York University, she decided to go back to school and study the art of makeup as it's always been an interest of hers. It is now no longer just a hobby, but a passion and a lifestyle.


There is much more to makeup than just making someone look pretty. It gives each and every one of us the ability to express ourselves. Makeup is a freedom of artistic expression. It can help us feel better about ourselves - but most importantly, it simply enhances the natural beauty we were given. Makeup is art. It gives us the ability to express who we are and how we want to be viewed.

Being an actor since she was 17 has helped Becky become very familiar with the industry and how it feels to be in the makeup chair. She utilizes her experience and skills to make all her clients feel comfortable and as if they have known her for years.

Becky is experienced in a variety of fields such as beauty, headshots, editorial, bridal, tv & film. Her love of the artistry and her deep, meaningful connection to her clients makes her the perfect artist for any occasion.


You can see a list of Becky's IMDB credits here.










-Film & Television

-Photography (Black & White, Colour, Headshots, etc)




-Special FX




**Please Email for price quotes**

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